Free cleaning of your plaid😉Thanks to Mother Nature.

Can I wash my woolen plaid?

    According to many you can, but we certainly do not advise it. In general, they do not become more beautiful. There may finally be snow again this winter. And as grandmother may remember, it is time to clean wool. But hanging in the fog, is less romantic image, but of course it can!!

    The best way to clean a wool plaid

    • Put your wool plaid in the snow (preferably fresh dry snow) and make sure snow is also at the top.
    • Leave your wool plaid for about half an hour.
    • Then hit the plaid with the back of a broom (the old-fashioned carpet-beater will have almost no one left;-). The small amount of ammonia in the snow reacts with the cold air and causes the dirt to come loose and fall out of the blanket.
    • Then leave your plaid for another half an hour.
    • Repeat this 1 or two more times
    • Finally, shake the snow off your plaid and hang your plaid for another half-hour in the freezing cold. As a result, the last scraps of snow go off automatically without getting wet.

    Cleaning wool plaid without snow

    Of course, we do not always have snow. An alternative is to hang your plaid in the fog. This gives your wool plaid a fresh scent again but does not clean the way snow does. Do not wash your plaid in the washing machine and certainly never do it in the dryer. For a deep cleaning, you can optionally go to the dry cleaning. But if it snows... Then take the chance to clean your wool plaid as our ancestors did for many centuries.