Manhattan cocktail in Glencairn tumbler

One of our products are whisky glasses of the Tumbler type, robust and made of crystal. A delicious glass for whisky on the rocks, for example.

But, now we were on vacation recently, and we got a delicious cocktail in a tumbler. And we certainly don't want to deprive you of this real classic!

If you own such a beautiful glass from Glencairn, but definitely a "Manhattan", a real cocktail classic.

Surprisingly tasty and elegant!

A Manhattan is one of the most famous and well-known cocktails in the world.


  • 50 ml rye whisky
  • 20 ml zoete vermout (liefst rode)
  • 1-2 scheutjes Angustura aromatic bitters
  • Marachino-kers
  • Ijsklontjes

How to make it:

  • Have all the ingredients ready.
  • Put 3 ice cubes in a whisy mix glass or shaker.
  • Voeg de angostura bitters toe
  • giet rye whisky a de vermout over het ijs
  • Stir gently with a stirring spoon.
  • With the help of a strianer, pour the drink into a beautiful tumbler!

Enjoy your classic Manhattan...

Slàinte (Proost) zoals de Schotten zeggen

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