We're in the JUMBO Magazine with our plaids!!!

How nice that we have been asked if our plaids for the magazine of the Jumbo can be used. Of course!!! Was our reaction. After all, we are very proud of it.

Click here to go to our picnic members!

And for those who still have choice stress with the large number of picnic members on our site a few tips:

How do you choose a good picnic blanket now? On the main lines you can make a choice on the following parts:

  • Format: For yourself or for several people.
  • Material: New Wool, Recycled Wool or Fleece. Fleece is soft and price-wise interesting. Wool is natural, easy to keep clean (dry up, knock out and roll up) Wool is 'self-cleaning'.
  • Transport: Carry (plastic or leather) or cloth and bag in 1.
  • Design: there is no arguing about taste. Modern or traditional? There is choice in abundance.

Oh yes, picnic members are used not only in spring or summer. Also in winter to put on your skates for a while and most kids also love to picnic in the house in bad weather :-)

Have fun.