What type of whiskey glass should I have?

Classic, tulip-shaped, glass

  • Perfect for : Single malt whiskies, spike also other high-quality varieties that can be tasted pure and without ice.
  • The shape: The tulip-shaped glass causes the aromas to gather in its belly and only slowly escape through the narrow rim. If you hold the whiskey glass to your nose, the complex flavors are easier to recognize.
  • Quality of the glass: High-quality whiskey glasses are made of very thin crystal glass with a high gloss degree to make it easier to judge the color of the spirit. A higher percentage of lead crystal gives the glass the luxury to match an exclusive Whiskey.
  • The fun: The glass is raised to the nose to decipher the complex aromas of the whiskey. This is followed by a slow tasting in small sips, trying to identify as many nuances of the whiskey as possible.
  • Conclusion: If you want to taste a high-quality whiskey, you will definitely need a classic, tulip-shaped, whiskey glass. Only with this can the fine nuances of the whiskey be recognized and appreciated.

Tumbler glass

  • Perfect for: American whiskies (Bourbon & Rye), Irish whiskies, scotch blends
  • The shape: Most tumbler glasses have a straight shape with a large glass opening. Characteristic is the thick bottom of the heavy whiskey glasses. It causes the ice in the glass to melt more slowly and the drink to stay cool longer.
  • The glass quality: Tumbler glasses are usually robust and made of thicker crystal glass. A higher percentage of lead crystal gives the glass the luxury to match an exclusive Whiskey. A good tumbler glass is comfortable in the hand. A heavier (higher percentage of lead crystal) gives even more cache to the whiskey moment.
  • The fun: The most common form of serving in a tumbler is whisky-on-the-rocks, where the whiskey is served with one or more ice cubes. But of course, whiskey cocktails can also be served in style in a tumbler glass.
  • Conclusion: No whiskey glass is more versatile, simultaneously exuding more sophistication and elegance than a high-end tumbler-it should not be missing from any well-stocked home bar.

What type to give Whiskey glass as a gift?

To get you started to find a suitable gift, here are a few suggestions:

  • Single malt whiskeys -> Classic, tulip shaped, glass
  • American whiskeys (Bourbon & Rye), Irish whiskeys, scotch blends -> Tumbler
  • Whiskey with ice cream-> Tumbler
  • Fine taster-> Classic, tulip-shaped, glass
  • Relaxed Engineer-> Tumbler
  • More exclusive-> Higher percentage of lead crystal.