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    Wie is Cherith Harrison?

    Cherith Harrison is a talented designer known for her beautiful illustrations of animals, especially her iconic sketches of Scottish animals. Her designs exude charm, character and a touch of playfulness, making them beloved by people of all ages.

    Where do I buy products from Cherith Harrison?

    At Mood Company, we have the pleasure of offering a range of Cherith Harrison products, including notebooks, cards, kitchen textiles and more. These items are available in our stores and also online, making it easy to find your favorite pieces wherever you are.

    What do I buy a special gift for in the kitchen?

    At Mood Company, you 've come to the right place for unique kitchen gifts. Our range covers a wide range of items from cookware and crockery to decorative accessories and useful kitchen tools. Whether you're looking for an elegant teapot, colorful kitchen towels or stylish kitchen gadgets, we have everything you need to make your kitchen a true oasis of style and functionality.

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