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    38 products

    Where can you buy nice coasters?

    At Mood Company, we offer beautiful coasters that are not only functional, but also provide an aesthetic added value to your table setting. Our oak and slate coasters, with images such as Scottish Highlanders, Red deer and Pheasants, are a perfect choice for those looking for stylish home accessories.

    Which coasters won't stick?

    The oak coasters do not stick. And the slate coasters are specially designed with a protected foam layer, keeping them perfectly in place without sticking to the table. This provides an effortless experience of placing and removing glasses and cups, while at the same time protecting the table from scratches and damage.

    What is the advantage of slate coasters?

    The advantage of our slate coasters lies not only in their durability and elegance, but also in their functionality. Thanks to the protected foam layer, they remain firmly in place, while adding a touch of natural beauty to any table. In addition, they provide excellent protection for your table from scratches and heat, making them both practical and eye-wateringly beautiful.
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