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    What's the difference between a Shelby cap, County cap, Patchwork Pet, Women's Cap and Baseball Cap?

    They are all different styles and designs of caps, and they each have their unique characteristics:

    • Shelby pet:

      The Shelby cap is inspired by the classic newsboy cap. It has a round shape with a button on top and a short flap on the front. This cap exudes a timeless style and goes well with both formal and casual outfits.
    • County pet:

      The County cap is probably a more structured and formal variant of a cap. It may have a slightly tighter and neater look compared to the more relaxed style of some other caps. This makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, including more formal settings.
    • Patchwork Pet:

      The Patchwork Pet is a cap that uses different pieces of fabric in a patchwork pattern. This gives the cap a unique and eclectic look, making it a striking fashion item.
    • Women Cap:

      The term "Dames Cap" suggests that this cap was specifically designed with women in mind. It can vary in style and shape, but in general the design will take into account female characteristics and fashion preferences.
    • Baseball Cap:

      The Baseball Cap, also known as a baseball cap, is probably a sportier and casual variation of the cap. It usually has a front-curved flap and adjustable back, making it a popular choice for everyday use and sporting activities.

    The difference between these caps lies mainly in their design, form, and the target audience for which they are designed. The choice between these styles depends on personal preference, the occasion and the desired appearance. Each of these caps, when made from Harris Tweed, benefits from the durability and style that this material offers.

    What kinds of hats are there?

    There are different types of hats, including the Shelby cap, County cap, Patchwork Pet, Dames Cap and Baseball Cap, all of which are available from Mood Company. These hats each have their unique style and characteristics.

    What hat in warm weather?

    In hot weather, a lightweight and breathable hat like the Shelby cap is an excellent choice. The Harris Tweed materials provide comfort and ventilation, keeping your head cool.

    What hat in cold weather?

    For cold weather, Harris Tweed products, such as the County cap, offer excellent protection. Harris Tweed's durable and insulating properties keep your head warm even at lower temperatures.

    Where do I buy a cap?

    You can buy the Harris Tweed caps, including the Shelby cap, County cap, Patchwork Pet, Dames Cap and Baseball Cap, from Mood Company, where they offer high-end products from Glen Appin of Scotland.

    What size cap should I have?

    Mood Company typically offers different sizes so you can find the perfect fit. It is advisable to measure your head circumference and compare it with the size chart of the caps to choose the right size.

    How much does an average cap cost?

    The price of a Harris Tweed cap varies depending on the model and specifics. At Mood Company, you'll find high-end caps that justify their price through Harris Tweed's durability, style and craftsmanship.

    What are the advantages of a Harris Tweed cap?

    Harris Tweed is known for its durability, style and traditional craftsmanship. Harris Tweed's caps at Mood Company offer not only a unique look, but also comfort, warmth (in cold weather) and breathability (in hot weather). They are made of high quality materials that will last a long time.

    How were you a cap or baseball cap?

    It is recommended to follow the washing instructions of Harris Tweed products, which are usually marked on the label. Often you can wash them by hand with a mild detergent and let them dry flat to keep the shape. Check the specific instructions to make sure your cap stays in optimal condition.

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