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    35 products

    What are you doing in a hip bottle?

    Spirits such as whiskey are usually stored in a hip bottle. It's a handy portable container design that is often used to take your favorite drink along for the road, for example during walks, camping or other outdoor activities.

    How many ml in a hip flask?

    Hip bottles vary in size, but they usually contain between 177 ml of liquid. This is enough for some glasses of spirits, making them convenient for personal use or sharing in intimate settings.

    Where can I buy a hip flask?

    Hip bottles are often available at specialty drinks stores, department stores, online retailers and even some specialty outdoor sports stores. We are therefore proud that we can offer a large collection of hip and hunting bottles.

    What is the difference between a hip flask and a hunting bottle?

    The difference between a hip flask and a hunting flask is not strictly defined, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. A hunting bottle often has a slightly larger capacity of 236 ml in respect of 177ml with a hip flask. Our hunting bottles also have a different shape and is equipped with 4 small cups as standard. However, both bottles have similar uses and are often suitable for spirits such as whiskey. The distinction may vary depending on regional customs and personal interpretations.

    What material is a hip flask made of?

    The base is almost always stainless steel. This makes it suitable for your favorite Whiskey. The outside can be covered with Harris Tweed, leather or engraved.

    Who do you give and hip flask to as a gift?

    • A hip flask can be a suitable gift for different occasions and for different people. Here are some situations and recipients for which a hip flask could be an appropriate gift:
    • Whiskey enthusiast: If you know someone likes whisky, a hip flask from their favorite brand of whiskey can be a prized gift.
    • Outdoor Lover: For people who like to do outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or fishing, a hip flask is useful to bring their favorite beverage on their adventures.
    • Festive occasions: A hip flask can be a nice gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a thoughtful gift for the holidays.
    • Bridal squire or bridesmaid: A hip flask can be a stylish and practical gift for bridesmaids or groomsmen, especially if they tend to enjoy spirits.
    • Father's Day or Mother's Day: For parents who can enjoy a drink, a hip flask can be a thoughtful gift for Father's Day or Mother's Day.
    • Business partner or co-worker: If you know someone likes liquor, a hip flask can be a fitting gift on special business occasions or as an appreciation for good cooperation.
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