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    What is a knee pillow good for?

    A knee pad is designed to provide comfort and support to the knees during activities that involve long-term kneeling, such as gardening. It protects the knees from hard surfaces and minimizes pressure points, reducing discomfort and potential knee injuries. Of course, it also prevents clothes from getting dirty and damp.

    What are the best knee pads?

    The best knee cushions are usually made of durable materials that provide comfort and support. Here are some properties to pay attention to when choosing a knee pillow:

    • Thickness and Density: An ideal knee pad has good thickness and density to provide sufficient cushioning.
    • Water resistance: Knee cushions that are water-repellent can better cope with damp conditions in the garden.
    • Material: Opt for durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as Wool or Tweed. Wool and Tweed is dirt-resistant and should it get dirty, dry and knock it out.
    • Handle: Some knee pads have a handle so that the knee pad can be hung up and easy to carry.

    How should you use a knee pillow?

    Place the knee pad on the floor on a flat surface before kneeling.
    Kneel on the pillow with your knees resting on the soft surface.
    Distribute your weight evenly between both knees to minimize pressure points.
    Use the knee pad in gardening work such as planting, weeding or harvesting.
    When finished, gently stand up and stash the knee pad in a dry place.
    Using a knee pad properly can help you garden more comfortably and reduce the load on your knees.

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