Heren portemonnee van Harris Tweed met de tartan Black Watch


41 products
    41 products

    Harris Tweed is known for his timeless style and Sustainable quality , And this also applies to their wonderful collection of purses. Whether you're a lady or gentleman, there's a Harris Tweed wallet that perfectly suits your tastes and needs.

    For ladies, Harris Tweed offers elegant purses with plenty of room for passes, letter fees and coins. The carefully crafted wallets are not only functional, but also stylish. The combination of the Harris Tweed material with its unique texture and refined finish make these purses a chic accessory for any woman.

    Gentlemen can enjoy Harris Tweed's robust yet sophisticated wallets. With separate pockets for passes and a roomy compartment for money, these purses offer both practical convenience and a classic look. The Harris Tweed material gives the purse a distinctive character, making it a timeless choice for the modern man.

    For those who like to stay organized, the Harris Tweed wallets offer plenty of room for passes, while the coin pocket makes for convenient storage for change. The designs are thoughtful and efficient, allowing you to keep all your essential items in an orderly fashion.

    Whether you're looking for a Harris Tweed wallet for women or men, one thing is certain: these accessories combine functionality with a touch of luxury. Designed with an eye for detail and crafted with craftsmanship, Harris Tweed's wallets embody the timeless elegance the brand is known for. Opt for an accessory that not only organizes your finances, but also makes a statement in style.

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