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    What is the difference between regular wool and recycled wool?

    Mood Company offers an extensive collection of recycled wool plaids, with prominent brands such as the renowned Tartan Blanket Company from Scotland and the innovative Tweedmill. The distinguishing feature of recycled wool compared to regular wool is its durability and environmental friendliness. Recycled wool is obtained from recycled materials, helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the conscience of consumers who are committed to sustainable products.

    Why buy a plaid made of recycled wool?

    Buying a plaid made of recycled wool offers numerous advantages. First of all, it contributes to reducing the ecological footprint, because it uses already existing materials instead of using new raw materials. Additionally, recycled wool throws are often of excellent quality, such as those from the Tartan Blanket Company, meaning consumers don't have to compromise on style, comfort or warmth.

    Does a plaid or picnic blanket made of recycled wool feel different?

    Although there is no significant difference in the feel of a throw or picnic blanket made from recycled wool versus regular wool, recycled wool products offer the added benefit of an environmentally friendly choice without compromising quality or comfort .

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