Jar Yellow Beige - 2 litres-Harris tweed-Handmade in Scotland-Caroline Wolfe

Mood_Company Kruik Geel Beige - 2 liter - Harris tweed - Handgemaakt in Schotland - Caroline Wolfe

Jar Yellow Beige - 2 litres-Harris tweed-Handmade in Scotland-Caroline Wolfe

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Unique hot water bottle wrapped in real Harris Tweed with soft organic cotton fleece on the underside.

  • This wonderfully large jug has a whopping 2 litres capacity! Handmade in Scotland Dimensions (approximately)-height 33 cm x width 20 cm
  • Content-2 litres
  • Hot water bottle included.
  • Please note that the color of the back may vary.

Here are some Instructions for safe and proper use of a jug :

  1. Check the pitcher: Before using the pitcher, inspect it thoroughly for any cracks, damage or leaks. If you find any flaws, do not use the pitcher and replace it with a new one.
  2. Fill the jug with warm water: Fill the jug with clean, warm water to the desired level. Make sure you don't overfill the pitcher as it can lead to leaks.
  3. Do not use boiling water: Do not fill the jug with boiling water, as this can damage the jug. Use water at a temperature that is pleasant to the touch but not too hot to use.
  4. Seal the pitcher tightly: Make sure the pitcher is tightly sealed to prevent leaks. Check the cap or clasp to make sure it is properly secured.
  5. Check the temperature: Before using the jug, check the temperature to make sure it is comfortable. You can do this by gently holding the pitcher against your forearm or another sensitive body part.
  6. Place the jar with care: Never place the jar directly on the skin without a cloth or towel between them to prevent burning or overheating.
  7. Do not use the jug with damaged skin: Avoid using the jug on damaged or irritated skin as this can make the situation worse.
  8. Monitor: If you are using the jug on children, the elderly or others unable to care for themselves, always supervise to ensure they do not burn or injure themselves.
  9. Do not heat (again): Never heat a jug by means of an external heat source (e. g. microwave).
  10. Keep the pitcher in a safe place: Keep the jar in a safe place, out of the reach of children and pets, and make sure it is not exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.
  11. Maintain the pitcher: Rinse the pitcher after use and let it dry completely before storing. Check regularly for signs of wear or damage and replace if necessary.

By following these instructions, you can safely and effectively use a pitcher to provide warmth and provide comfort in cold or painful situations.

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