What type of wool should I choose? The advantages and disadvantages of woolen blankets

"What type of wool should I choose?" This question we often get and therefore a compact explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each wool type.

To start with a few general characteristics of wool:

  • All wool blankets are very durable . Not only do they last long, but wool itself is a natural, renewable material.
  • Color right. Wool is a material that holds the color well so that it does not discolor.
  • Wool is timeless . We often hear: "Oh such a blanket we used to have at home too". But of course, in addition to the traditional patterns, there are also more and more new designs to be found.
  • Wool is easy to maintain . 'Wool cleans itself' well, not entirely naturally, but this statement comes from the fact that wool itself does not hold dirt. Nowadays many blankets can be washed on a wool program with wool detergent (especially look at the washing instruction), but we are still a bit old-fashioned... Just air outside or if it snows again once: Plaid out in the snow, whipping out, drying naturally (not at a heat source) and you have another lovely fresh plaid. That's how our grandparents did it with woolen products too.
  • And perhaps the most important general characteristic of wool... Nice and warm ...

In terms of type of wool, we would like to advise you:

  • 100% new wool With Tartan or Herringbone Motif: The real blankets as you may remember them from grandmother. Often slightly thicker and slightly stiffer in the beginning. Favorable pricing.
  • 100% new wool, Other : These are mostly the blankets with a more modern design and these are breezily woven, supple and soft, with favorable pricing.
  • Recycled wool : Extra durable because these blankets are made from old blankets that along with a section of new materials are completely rewoven into new blankets. Characteristic is a high density (feels a bit like felt), in the beginning it feels slightly stiffer but that disappears quickly and the blanket feels soft.
  • Lamb wool (Shetland & Merino) : These blankets are often more expensive but for that you get an extra thin blanket that feels lovely and soft.

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