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    How do you use a butter fleet?

    A butter fleet is an elegant and practical item used to serve butter on the table. To use it, simply place a piece of butter in the butter dish and cover it with the accompanying lid. Cream butter can be stored in a butter dish outside the fridge. In the summer, it is wise to keep the amount of butter in the butter fleet for a few days, and the rest in the refrigerator. Of course, do not place the butter fleet in full sun or at a heat source.

    Why a butter fleet?

    Using a butter fleet has several advantages. First, it keeps the butter at a perfect temperature, making it easily spreadable. Second, it adds a touch of elegance to the table setting, making it an appealing addition to any household. In addition, the butter fleet protects the butter from external influences such as dust or odors, keeping the butter fresh longer.

    What is a butter fleet made of?

    A butter fleet can be made of different materials, but at Mood Company they offer beautiful ceramic butter fleets. Ceramics are a great choice for their durability, temperature-regulating in terms of metal, elegance and the ability to engrave beautiful designs such as Scottish Highlanders or Red deer. It provides a stylish addition to the dining table and at the same time retains the freshness of the butter.

    Where do I buy a butter fleet?

    At Mood Company, you can find high-end fleets of butter, in both white and blue ceramics, with beautiful engraved designs. These butter fleets are not only functional, but also a decorative asset for every home. You can find them on the website of Mood Company or in selected stores that sell their products.

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