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197 products
    197 products

    You 've come to the right place for quality, warmth and style. We sell Brilliant wool blankets in various sizes and colors , Mainly from the United Kingdom. You can use the filter, left in picture to quickly select from our large file to blankets.

    All wool blankets are very durable . Not only do they last long, but wool itself is a natural, renewable material. In terms of type of wool, we would like to advise you:

    • 100% new wool Tartan and Herringbone: The real blankets as you may remember them from grandmother. Often slightly thicker and slightly stiffer in the beginning. Favorable pricing.
    • 100% new wool, Other : Breezily woven, supple and soft, with favorable pricing.
    • Recycled wool : High density (a bit like felt), in the beginning it feels slightly stiffer but that disappears quickly and the blanket feels soft.
    • Lamb wool (Shetland & Merino) : These blankets are often more expensive but for that you get an extra thin blanket that feels lovely and soft.
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